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Welcome to ViaRemote Pharmacy

Introducing ViaRemote Pharmacy, a regional provider of innovative pharmacy services, created to provide remote order processing to supplement hospital pharmacy services.

We are proud to have brought together a talented team of professionals who are highly experienced in hospital and clinical pharmacy, as well as information technologies. This combination of talent and experience has allowed us to develope new and unique ways of providing professional pharmacy services.

ViaRemote Pharmacy is a division of ViaRemote, Inc.  It was established to develope new and innovative ways of assisting healthcare facilities with securing limited, and often difficult to obtain, professional services.

We offer professional pharmacist services in conjunction with the network infrastructure allowing remote order processing and drug regimen reviews. This is a relatively new approach in pharmacy staffing; we designed our services so clients can extend their hours of operation and/or supplement their existing shifts with additional pharmacists.

Need to expand your Clinical Pharmacy Program? Budgeting additional staff to expand clinical programs and work on improvement projects can be a difficult process. 

“add only the hours you need and only pay for the hours you use”

Hospital administrators are looking for cost effective solutions not additional FTEs. Additional employees means a larger payroll, more benefits, etc.  With ViaRemote you add only the hours you need and only pay for the hours you use.  Using ViaRemote services can help keep your staffing costs closer to “Budget Neutral” than any other solution.

ViaRemote Pharmacy
  c/o ViaRemote, Inc.
  1327 Washington Ave., 
           Suite 199
  Harlingen, TX 78550-5684

Tel:  956-255-0998
Fax: 888-748-3291

Are you waiting for a budget increase to expand your clinical program?

Instead of waiting, try  expanding your clinical program with your existing staff!

Let ViaRemote cover some of your order processing hours and redeploy your pharmacists to more cost effective clinical duties.


Our pharmacists are all experienced and dedicated hospital pharmacists with years of experience. ViaRemote pharmacists are skilled at tailoring work routines to comply with client’s policies and standard operating procedures.

You can use ViaRemote as a part of your regular staffing plan and receive the same reliable quality of work you would expect from existing onsite staff.

Our Pharmacist are also an integral part of our Quality Improvement Program.  This program is designed to integrate with the client’s QI program, allowing us to share data and work together to ensure the highest standards of quality.